Services Provided

We specialize in providing following quality financial services to individuals and businesses:

Accounting & Book Keeping

•    Provide Bookkeeping & Payroll Services
•    Preparation & compilation of Financial statements
•    Computerized Accounting
•    Business Loans & Projections
•    Financial statements analysis
•    Preparation & Filling of periodic Government Returns i.e. HST, PST, EHT, WSIB, Payroll Returns & others

Income Tax

•    Preparation of Personal &Corporation Income Tax Returns
•    Preparation of Tax returns for Not-for-Profit-organizations (NPO)
•    E-filing of Personal, Corporate& NPO tax returns
•    Assistance with Audits of Revenue Canada

Registration of a New Business

•    Set-up of Federal & Provincial Corporation (Incorporation)
•    Registration for HST & Payroll
•    Provide Assistance in arranging finances
•    Helps in Business planning, setting internal controls, and monitoring performances

Tax Strategies
We offer information on suggested tax-savings opportunities that clients can implement immediately.

Other Financial Services

•    Life Insurance
•    Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
•    Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

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